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Archangel e530 Pack: Kemper Profiles

Image of Archangel e530 Pack: Kemper Profiles


Seeking to replicate the sound of an Engl e530 pre-amplifier through a Mesa Boogie Oversize 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30's.

The Archangel e530 Pack includes:
- Total of 60 Kemper Profiles
- 30 Studio Profiles
- 30 Direct Profiles (*Please read below regarding Direct Profiles
- Profiles made with 9 different overdrive pedals that add their own unique flavor to each tone.
- Profiles with a letter or number at the end of the name indicate which overdrive pedal was used in front of the amp during the profiling process. (ex: 808X = Maxon OD808X)

Naming Key:
AVS = Audio Vault Studio Profiles
AVD = Audio Vault Direct Profiles

Overdrive Pedals:
808 = Maxon OD808 Overdrive
808X = Maxon OD 808X Overdrive
ZW = MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive
RF = Majik Bok Rocket Fuel
BB = Majik Box Body Blow
GR = Way Huge Green Rhino
DMC = EBS Drive Me Crazy
DD = Taurus Devil Drive

CHOR = Lead-tone profile with chorus effect added
DLY = Lead-tone profile with delay effect added
VERB = Lead-tone profile with reverb effect added

7X = ideal for low-tuned 7 and 8 string guitars done Mike’s way with the Maxon 808X
All knobs at 5 = All knobs set to 5 (neutral position)
Bass+ = Bass Boost
Scooped = Mid EQ set around 3 to 4
Bright = more treble (high-end)

What is a Studio Profile and what is a Direct Profile?

- Use Studio Profiles (AVS) when you are going direct into an audio recording interface or a PA system. Its a simulation of an amplifier plugged into a speaker cabinet. These profiles can still be used with a real speaker cabinet but the cabinet simulation on the Kemper should be turned off.

- Use Direct Profiles (AVD) when you are going from your Kemper into a physical speaker cabinet. Its a simulation of only the amplifier. Using these profiles without the speaker simulation turned 'on' will result in a very "brash" sounding tone.

****This product is a digital download. You will receive an email after purchase with a link to download the package. You will be asked for an address during checkout for billing purposes only***

All amp brands are trademarked by their respective owners and are in no way affiliated with Audio Vault. You are purchasing a license to use these profiles for your own personal and/or professional use. These profiles are not for resale or any unlicensed distribution, free or compensated. The Audio Vault profiles simply seek to re-create the sound of the amplifiers listed and any use of the brand names is strictly for comparison and descriptive purposes.