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Axe FX II Presets: High-Gain Heaven Vol. II

Image of Axe FX II Presets: High-Gain Heaven Vol. II

Compatible models:
- Axe FX II Original/MK II
- Axe FX II XL
- Axe FX II XL+

Compatible Firmare:
- Quantum 9.02 and above

The High-Gain Heaven Vol. II Preset Pack includes 30 custom-made presets sculpted by Mike Spreitzer of DevilDriver. Perfect for live and recording scenarios. Each of the following presets have been tailored to Mike's specific liking using amplifiers sims he has favored over the years.

Each of the 30 presets is divided into 8 scenes. Scenes 1-4 are explained below. Scenes 5-8 were left as "user" scenes if adjustments to the preset are wanted.

Scene 1: Dry rhythm tone with a "tighter" gate.
Scene 2: Wet lead tone "looser" gate.
Scene 3: Secondary wet tone with a "looser" gate.
Scene 4: Clean or Low-gain tone.

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